Las Vegas Venues Deploy New Tech to Capture Data on Energy, Carbon and Water Outputs

July 7, 2023

Event organizers who produce shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Allegiant Stadium will be able to better understand their carbon footprint and identify efficiencies that could lower costs, thanks to a new partnership with nZero

The tech platform is providing near real-time tracking and management of carbon emissions and water consumption data, helping these event venues gather and analyze granular data 24/7. nZero’s analysis will inform operational decision-making, maximize decarbonization efforts across all facilities and create efficiencies that will ultimately improve their bottom lines.

“Better data is an essential part of our sustainability efforts,” said Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) COO Brian Yost. “Reducing our carbon footprint throughout our convention center is not only critical to our community but to our building partners and customers as well.”

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Allegiant Stadium
Allegiant Stadium

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed sweeping climate disclosure regulation changes that require public companies to report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their operations and the energy they consume. Released in May 2022, the proposal has yet to be approved, but many public companies and organizations are preparing for new regulations.

Utilizing a proprietary carbon data model, nZero is capturing and automating data to inform reporting and carbon management that helps position Allegiant Stadium and the Las Vegas Convention Center ahead of the regulatory curve, while reducing cost, risk, and emissions.

“We’re able to bring nZero’s data and insights not only to our new partners but also their customers and associates, providing more data transparency that will further everyone’s commitment to a more environmentally friendly Las Vegas,” said nZero CEO Adam Kramer. “We look forward to helping major players in the Las Vegas market meet their environmental goals and take climate change head-on.”

Corporate Event News talked to nZero and LVCVA to find out more about how the new tech will impact event organizers and exhibitors.

nZero's Adam Kramer
nZero's Adam Kramer

Tormohlen: What reports are provided to event organizers?

Kramer: “The Las Vegas Convention Center will now offer Scope 3 visibility reports, courtesy of nZero, to trade show partners and event customers as part of their event recaps. Scope 3 accounts for indirect emissions from sources a company doesn’t control or own, including categories like leased spaces, business travel, procurement, fuel consumption of 3rd party vehicles, use of sold products and waste disposal and more. Due to the vast amount of activities covered by Scope 3, they can be up to 95% of emissions. These detailed reports provided to event organizers offer greater transparency for customers and prepare them for future reporting requirements.”

Tormohlen: How will it help them lower costs?

Kramer: “Through the Scope 3 emissions reports, event organizers will be able to reduce costs through identifying GHG ‘hot spots,’ implementing energy efficiency and cost reduction opportunities in the supply chain, improving investment and procurement decisions, and reducing material, resource and energy use. This level of detail will encourage event space users to focus more on their carbon footprint and implement the most efficient reduction initiatives in their future planning. The Las Vegas Convention Center has additional sustainability improvement projects under way, such as submetering installations in major conference halls, to further ensure data collection is hyper-accurate.”

LVCVA's Lori Nelson-Kraft
LVCVA's Lori Nelson-Kraft

Tormohlen: Since the partnership was announced in May, what have you learned so far that you can share? What events have been tracked at LVCC?

LVCVA Senior VP of Communications Lori Nelson-Kraft: “The Las Vegas Convention Center’s building customers, meaning trade shows and events, are committed to finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint inside our facility. Our partnership with nZero has allowed us to assist our building customers to understand what their current sustainability efforts are achieving and use this inaugural year’s report to identify additional ways they can further reduce their carbon footprint. Since partnering with nZero, 31 of our trade shows have taken us up on our offer to provide this report to them for free. Our largest trade show customers also have sustainability goals, and these metrics will help them report reliable data, set meaningful benchmarks and find ways to increase their efforts in future years.” 

Kramer: “Hour data intervals are part of nZero’s 24/7, real-time data point of difference for customers utilizing nZero’s platform. More customers are asking for these reports, and more of them are looking for that more granular, hourly data to better understand their actual footprint and how to make changes to reduce it moving forward. nZero’s 24/7 technology fills gaps in emissions data, helping clients understand changes hour-by-hour, providing more precise metrics to reach climate goals and reduce operational and capital costs. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, which is why nZero is focused on capturing data at the highest granularity possible. Using this technology, on average, nZero is able to provide 30% more accurate data than the industry averages.”

Tormohlen: How will this partnership encourage event space users to focus on their footprint and implement reduction initiatives as they plan for the future? 

Kramer: “The LVCC provides guidance to conventions on how to reduce their footprint, with examples including reducing lighting during move in and move out periods. nZero’s reports enable customers to see the impact of following this guidance and give them the data to make more informed decisions and identify additional decarbonization opportunities in the future. Understanding your carbon impact is the first step in building a decarbonization plan. 24/7 data is critical in correctly calculating your baseline and understanding where the optimal interventions are from an emissions and cost perspective, so you don’t waste valuable time and money.”

Main photo: Las Vegas Convention Center

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