The Green Dividend: Unlocking Cost Savings through Sustainable Events

October 18, 2023

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When Honeycomb Strategies talks to planners and venues about sustainability, the first challenge we hear about is cost. Naturally, to start up any operational change requires investment. But it’s a myth that sustainability is more expensive than operations-as-normal. In fact, we’re increasingly seeing cost savings from sustainable practices both in the short and long term. 

Let’s start with some sustainable solutions with short-term benefits for event planners. To reduce energy costs, contract with venues that have undergone improvements and retrofits for climate control, lighting and appliances. Venues may pass along lower utility costs or offer enhanced packages at the same price point.

Pennsylvania Convention Center
Pennsylvania Convention Center is a LEED-certified ASM Global-managed venue in Philadelphia; certifications like LEED, WELL, SITES and others lend credence to sustainability claims. Image credit: ASM Global

When it comes to signage and décor, design for reuse. Avoid using dates or seasonal hashtags on decorative materials. For a unique centerpiece, craft upcycled materials destined for the landfill. Speaking of landfill…while every venue is different, organizers are often charged for hauling trash, but not recycling or compost. By eliminating virgin production and renting rather than purchasing, you’re reducing waste and lowering your costs. And source local to minimize transportation of heavy materials long distances and save on freight costs and carbon emissions.

Digital ticketing, mobile apps and online registration reduce paper materials so planners can dramatically cut printing costs while also reducing their environmental footprint. Plus, with digital communication you can send out updates in real time, eliminating costly last-minute reprints. 

Greenbuild 2022
The USGBC booth at Informa Connect’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo 2022 was a warm gathering space filled with rented foliage and plenty of rented furniture to take a rest. Image credit: WASIO, 2022

In the long term, sustainable investments today can yield lasting financial benefits. Consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental and social issues. By aligning with sustainability values, event planners can attract a loyal audience appreciative of their commitment to change. This can translate into higher attendance, increased brand loyalty and a positive impact on the bottom line. Sustainable investment is a surefire way to increase the value of your brand reputation, opening doors to skyrocketing sponsorships and audience and exhibitor retention.

In addition, waste reduction and responsible sourcing mitigate the risk of regulatory fines and legal liabilities from environmental non-compliance, safeguarding against future financial setbacks. Stay competitive as innovators by debuting technology and showcasing circularity that lower operational costs and attract forward-thinking, conscientious consumers.

NBAA’s EBACE 2023 featured popular specialty panels on sustainability and new technology, showing leadership in innovation. Image credit: NBAA

Sustainable event planning isn’t a trend, it’s a strategic choice with both immediate and long-term cost savings. From trimming expenses to building brand value, sustainability proves to be a winning financial strategy for event organizers.

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