Convention Data Services Launches Contactless Event Tech Toolkit

June 22, 2020

As face-to-face meetings and events begin to resume, it goes without saying that event organizers are going to be paying extra-special attention to health and safety practices. With social distancing among the top safety practices for the foreseeable future, event registration and lead management solutions provider Convention Data Services is offering a new Touchless Toolkit.

Launched in early June, the Toolkit includes DigiBadge, which allows event registrants to check in safely and securely using their own mobile devices. Event participants download the DigiBadge link provided by the organizer, add it to their device’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay, and can then use it for convention hall and session access instead of a physical badge. 

“Ultimately, we want to make the on-site planning process painless for show management while giving confidence to state agencies to reopen convention centers,” said John Kimball, president and CEO of Bourne, Mass-based CDS, a Freeman Company. 

In addition to DigiBadge, other components of the Touchless Toolkit include: 

Density Tracker: Allows on-site event teams to track event density and manage crowd control at various locations throughout an event. Besides scanning and reporting on warm body counts entering and exiting different locations via real-time metrics, it can also track multiple entrances and exits. Scanning teams are alerted when maximum density is reached and an entrance must be temporarily suspended. Additional features include dashboard access and entrance scanner leads that track density management trends. The density or capacity of each hall can also be reported to event participants to help them plan where to go next.  

Lead Retrieval: A contactless lead collection tool that exhibitors can use via the CDS Connect App on their personal mobile device, eliminating the sharing of devices and removing contact at equipment pick-up areas. Exhibitors can also take advantage of the self-scan feature, which allows attendees to scan their own badges and maintain social distancing.

Digital Backpack: This hands-free, self-serve content distribution and lead collection device distributes requested information to attendees. Attendees scan their DigiBadge or printed badge at a touchless mobile station to instantly have specific product information added to their personal portal, after which the attendee badge information is collected and provided to exhibitors.

All three of these features can be integrated into the DigiBadge, depending on what makes sense for each individual event, and hybrid registration solutions marrying DigiBadge with traditional printed badge options are also available. 

CDS also offers the following self-service offerings to support touchless registration at events:

Mobile Badge Print: Allows attendees to print their badges directly from their personal mobile device via an on-site Mobile Badge Print area with a printer code prominently displayed on nearby signage. Using a link provided in their check-in email, attendees enter the code to print their badge. Print stations can be set up in hotels, airports and throughout the show venue. 

Online On-site Registration: Enables show managers to remove registration counters for new registrations to ensure the safety of registrants while cutting equipment costs. Attendees can scan a QR code using their own mobile device displayed on signage and register via the live registration page. Once registered, they can check-in via their personal device using Mobile Badge Print and move directly to a badge pick-up station. 

CDS also offers touchless badge options including mobile check-in for hotel and transportation.  

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