AHLA Foundation Teams With U.S. Job Corps to Address Industry Staffing Shortage

September 30, 2022

The American Hotel & Lodging Association Foundation (AHLAF) announced a partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps to lure its nationwide talent pool with immediate hotel employment. The alliance is the first of its kind for Job Corps and the hospitality industry at large.

With 130,000 open jobs in hospitality around the country, the partnership will utilize engagement and retention initiatives to help fill the positions with the highly skilled, ready-to-work Job Corps students enrolled in hospitality and related training programs.

The collaboration will provide Job Corps students access to hotel jobs and AHLAF’s flagship apprenticeship program, an industry-driven, competency-based initiative that offers pathways to becoming a lodging manager or hotel cook and includes nationally recognized credential attainment.

By tapping into each other’s networks and resources, developing work-based learning opportunities and utilizing connections to support job placement, the two organizations will join forces to shine a spotlight on hospitality and grow top talent within the industry.   

“We are proud to team up with Job Corps as a platinum partner to strengthen our retention and recruitment programs,” said Sarah Cozewith, vice president of workforce development at AHLA Foundation. “With hundreds of thousands of open hotel positions, this is the perfect time for these students to enroll in the hotel industry.”

She continued, “From training more than 1,400 apprentices to providing more than $1 million in academic scholarships annually, this trailblazing partnership builds on AHLAF’s ongoing efforts to craft an industry as diverse as the guests we serve.” 

Working with AHLAF, Job Corps can tap into the foundation’s robust employer network and put its graduates on the path to success, according to Rachel Torres, national director of Job Corps.

“Employers are increasingly looking to Job Corps as a source of talented, well-trained workers,” Torres said. “We are all working toward the same goal as we begin this partnership together.” 

With access to Job Corps’ locations nationwide, AHLAF will be able to complement its existing workforce development programs by connecting its members with graduates from hospitality, culinary, facilities maintenance and other related Job Corps programs.  With more than 200 career pathways in the industry, this partnership will allow graduates to take a job in an industry that provides opportunities to advance and grow their career. 

With career fairs, classroom visits, professional development training and networking events, AHLAF and Job Corps are planning to open new doors for graduates as they develop and promote top talent through the industry.  

To learn more about this partnership and other AHLAF recruitment and retention programs, go here.

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