4 Reasons To Invest In An Event Platform With 24/7 Customer Support

July 12, 2012

Executing an event perfectly every single time doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design. A design that is supported by a rock-solid strategy and technology to activate this strategy.

Customer support that comes with your event platform is crucial for success. Here are four reasons to invest in a hybrid event platform that provides dedicated customer support.

1. Simplifies Platform Adoption

A dedicated customer support team will define how your most recent purchase will be adopted and implemented within the organization.

21.1% of tech professionals attributed the lack of tech knowledge as one of their biggest challenges while pivoting to virtual (EventMB, 2020). You can sign yourself up for success by bringing in a customer support team to help you with onboarding and adoption of the hybrid event platform.

2. Enables You to Focus on Your Event

~33% of event professionals said that they spend more than 20% of their marketing budget on events (Harvard Business Review). When you’re investing so much, it’s only fair that you focus your efforts on improving event experience and driving business results.

Learning to use a tech platform can take away from that effort. Sometimes, an action as small as retrieving registered attendee data can seem daunting without the right support. Customer support can go a long way in ensuring better allocation of your resources.

3. Useful in Situations that Require Troubleshooting

Every event has several variables working together in tandem. This increases the probability of situations that need troubleshooting. Guiding a speaker experiencing difficulty starting a session is an example of such a situation.

For immediate resolution, a problem like this (especially on the day of the event) is best handled by an expert. That’s why dedicated customer support becomes a critical consideration while choosing a hybrid event platform.



4. Facilitates Post-Event Data Retrieval

An event is never over till the last attendee information has been retrieved and put into action. Therefore, retrieving and putting together this data in a way that meaningful insights can be derived is an important step towards ensuring event success. By working with an expert, you can utilize the full potential of your hybrid event platform and its data features

Availability of customer support can make or break the quality of your event.

Sign up for a demo to know more about the scope of customer support you can avail with Hubilo’s hybrid event platform.

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