How Suppliers Can Craft Winning RFPs

May 29, 2024

Angela Alea

Angela Alea is the chief revenue officer at LASSO, an all-in-one platform that provides project management, inventory, logistics, proposals and workforce management software for event companies.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of live events, the ability to offer experiences, not only services, is the key to success. As the live events industry continues to evolve, suppliers and vendors must adopt a combination of experience-centric strategies and data-driven solutions to craft winning proposals that stand out in the market. 

Understanding Clients for Tailored Proposals

In this dynamic industry, tailoring proposals to the unique needs of clients is paramount. To stand out, start with the fundamentals – understanding your clients. Thorough research into their past events and engaging in meaningful dialogues are not just prerequisites but strategic foundations for tailoring proposals that exceed expectations. 

As a seasoned event professional, empathizing with the client's goals and challenges positions you as valuable collaborators. Beyond generic proposals, understanding the intricacies of previous events equips you with insights to address specific pain points, setting the stage for a proposal that goes beyond expectation.

Start with the Experience: Value-Based Proposals

In the quest for unparalleled event experiences, the shift from merely listing services to emphasizing the value derived from those services is crucial. A value-based proposal starts with understanding the client's vision for the event and articulating how proposed services will contribute to creating a memorable experience. 

In a value-based approach, highlight unique elements such as custom lighting or interactive features, underscoring the immersive nature of the event. This approach not only resonates with clients seeking to leave a lasting impression but also sets your proposals apart in a sea of generic offerings.

Include Your Differentiators

To truly shine in a crowded market, proposals must not only highlight unique selling points but provide concrete evidence of expertise and superior service. By integrating visual elements such as case studies or success stories, proposals become dynamic and engaging, serving as tangible proof of your ability to deliver exceptional experiences.

Whether it's innovative event technology, a flawless execution track record, or a commitment to sustainability, incorporating these differentiators reinforces the value proposition. As contributors to the live events industry, your commitment to excellence is evident, building credibility with every proposal.

Follow Up & Build Client Relationships

In a world driven by connections, building and nurturing client relationships is non-negotiable. Beyond proposal submission, proactive follow-ups demonstrate attentiveness to client needs, showcasing a commitment to their success. Utilizing proposal software to track client engagement enables tailored follow-up communication, enhancing the likelihood of success. 

Even in cases where the bid may not be successful, maintaining a positive rapport with the client can pave the way for future collaborations and referrals. Your commitment to ongoing communication showcases professionalism, positioning you as partners invested in the long-term success of their events.

Enhancing Your Follow Ups: Proposal Engagement Data

As the live events industry evolves, the role of data has become a game-changer in shaping successful proposals. Beyond the creative flair and meticulous planning, leveraging data provides unparalleled insights into client preferences, significantly accelerating the sales process. 

Proposal software surpasses traditional submission processes by offering invaluable insights into client engagement. This granular data transforms static proposals into dynamic tools capable of adapting to individual client preferences. By delving into the nuances of how clients interact with proposals, event professionals can tailor follow-up communications with precision, showcasing unwavering attentiveness and reinforcing proposed value propositions. 

Armed with a wealth of data on client engagement, your sales team is poised to initiate follow-up conversations with heightened personalization. Referencing specific sections of the proposal that resonated with the client demonstrates a deep understanding of their needs. This personalized approach not only increases the likelihood of striking a meaningful chord but elevates the level of resonance with the client. 

The infusion of data-driven insights empowers your sales team to make informed decisions that cut through the clutter, expediting the entire sales cycle. Understanding which elements of the proposal are most compelling to the client allows you to focus discussions on key points, providing a significant competitive advantage in a fast-paced industry. 

Data isn't merely a tool for closing individual deals; it's a strategic asset for continuous improvement. Analyzing patterns in client engagement across multiple proposals helps identify trends, preferences, and areas for enhancement. This iterative approach ensures that each proposal becomes more refined and effective than the last, solidifying your position as a dynamic and responsive player in the live events arena.

Revolutionizing live events requires a comprehensive approach that merges experience-centric strategies with data-driven solutions. By understanding client needs, emphasizing value propositions, differentiating from competitors, and leveraging data, event professionals can position themselves as trusted partners capable of delivering exceptional event experiences that exceed client expectations.


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