Caesars Entertainment and Event Design Collective Offer Event Design Certification

March 26, 2019

As any event planner knows, event design takes a lot of work and involves many moving pieces. To help new meeting and event industry professionals learn the ropes, Caesars Entertainment has teamed up with the Event Design Collective GmbH to offer hosted certification in event design programs. Over the next 36 months, training programs will be offered in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and potentially additional destinations.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Event Design Collective so we can help our customers plan and execute world-class meetings and events," said Michael Massari, chief sales officer at Caesars Entertainment.

Participants attend an immersive three-day design training course and receive six months of follow-up coaching on a real-life event. Throughout the course, they learn to analyze requirements, design and prototype events with like-minded peers. At the end of the program, participants will be able to facilitate their team through the process and articulate the way their event creates strategic value.

There are three levels of the Event Design Certificate Program, ranging from basic event skill set and awareness of stakeholder alignment techniques to mastery of the full process as a facilitator. After successful completion of the program and peer review of the real-life case study, meeting industry professionals and Caesars Entertainment sales, catering and convention services managers will attain the Certified Event Designer designation and join the global community of CED event design thought leaders.

“A meeting sales organization that has meaningful conversations with their customers builds deeper relationships supporting customer's objectives,” said Lisa Messina, vice president of sales at Caesars Entertainment.  “With this delivery, meetings will be differentiated, and Caesars Entertainment will be a more valued partner on a long-term basis."

According to Messina, Caesars chose to partner with the Event Design Collective after researching the space and identifying the organization as a global leader and expert in event design. The certification program launched in Europe in 2014, and more than 5,500 people are now using the EDC’s #EventCanvas methodology. Caesars’ goal is to certify 1,000 industry professionals by 2022.

The EventCanvas methodology combines design thinking with a visual approach. This is intended to stimulate the creation of a common visual language that can be used by the event owner and the event team.

"The #EventCanvas is a tool that will prove useful to the student and the teacher; to the veteran event planner, the innovator, and the novice; to teams and individuals; and to CEOs, event owners, team leaders, and interns alike,” said Ruud Janssen, managing partner of the Event Design Collective GmbH.

As Caesars readies for the 2020 opening of the new CAESARS FORUM, training is a high priority. The organization plans to host a number of training events over the next three years, focusing first on certifying its sales and convention services managers and a select number of planners. Its initial training course was held in March, and the organization is actively planning additional hosted summits and industry events. Additional co-sponsored events with industry organizations are also in discussion.

Once dates and locations for the Caesars-hosted Event Design Certificate programs are finalized, more information will be released, including a link where planners can register their interest in participation. Qualified planners will be fully sponsored by Caesars Entertainment.

For more information, go here.  

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